24 January 2017

Map Refresh

We have five map refreshes today. Much of it is editing, additional sources and plat map links, but we also have 11 new colonies in Bessarabia. Bessarabia was one of the very early areas mapped out, so it lacks sources at the moment. We're fixing that while going through the Stumpp map and adding any colonies that were overlooked.

As always, you can get to all of our maps either from the menu on the right hand side of this page or from our Maps and Data page.

Bessarabian Colonies - 11 new colonies and source additions to many existing colonies
Galizien Colonies - Much careful editing and more links to plat maps (thanks to GGD for doing this!)
Volhynia Colonies - New sources for some of the colonies bordering Galizien
Black Sea Colonies  - Includes updates from the Bessarabian map
Germans from Russia Settlements Map (all villages) - includes Bessarabian, Galizien and Volhynia updates

Total village count: 3,077


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