17 January 2017

A New Map and a New Milestone: Galizien

This morning we released the first iteration of the Galizien colonies map.  This is a historical geographic area in east central Europe which now straddles southeastern Poland and western Ukraine. It was formed as a result of the first partition of Poland in 1772 when it became a part of the Austrian Empire. Within the first 30 years, at least 100 ethnic German colonies had been established in the area.  We've currently located 396 colonies and are collaborating with the Galizien German Descendants to ensure all the colony information is documented.  This is also the first area where we have made links available to village plat maps. Expect more to come not only in this area but in the others as well.

And very quietly, without any fanfare, last Friday afternoon, we crossed the 3,000 villages found mark, bringing the total locates to 3,068 villages. Last January about at this time, the list consisted of 93 villages and no Google maps.  Not bad for a year's work.

Enjoy the new map and look for updates and additions to it in the coming weeks.  Also check out the Germans from Russia Settlement Locations Map which has all the colonies located thus far. Make sure you use the search function (magnifying glass on top upper left side) to help you find what you're looking for.

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