08 January 2017

Map Refresh: Volga

We've refreshed the data on the Volga colony map and on the full Germans from Russia Settlement Locations map.  The coordinates for Cäsarsfeld have been corrected, thanks to Mike Grau, and Klein Walter was added, thanks to Maggie Hein.  Both had "feet on the ground" information from their visits to those locations in years past that provided valuable information for obtaining the coordinates.

We've had several others who are following our work contribute information that led to locating villages in other areas, some that were on a Stumpp map and some that weren't. We appreciate any and all information you can provide to further this project along. We may not be able to turn your requests around quickly, but we make sure we give every request the attention it deserves and get back to you when we find it.

Enjoy the updated maps.

Volga colony map
Germans from Russia Settlement Locations map

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