28 October 2016

Next Up: The Caucasus

After a short break, the next area we're going into are the North and South Caucasus colonies.  We had a recent request for some villages in the South Caucasus area, so with map already in hand, we decided that area will be next.

Stay tuned.  Enjoy the 2,228 villages found so far, and we'll be back soon with more. 

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27 October 2016

Volhynia Colonies Complete - 1,002 found

We're please to announce that after three solid months of perseverance, 19 worksheets of calculations, two Stumpp maps, a now very tattered copy of The German-Russian Handbook, the Germans from Russia Settlement LocationsVolhynia Colonies map is complete with 1,002 colonies located by latitude and longitude and plotted on Google maps.  

Even though this is by far the most densely populated area in terms of number of colonies, we were not able to find every single German founded colony on the maps.  But the vast majority, well over 90%, were located including a large number of defunct villages.
  • 1,002 colonies located
  • 339 defunct (abandoned, destroyed, resettled) colonies located
  • Of the colony information available, 
    • 706 colonies were Protestant 
    • 3 colonies Mennonite.  
  • There were only 11 colonies with founding dates available, the oldest being Koretz in 1783.
  • There were many duplicated colony names, but the most popular were: 
    • 20 colonies named Marianovka/Marianowka
    • 13 colonies named Marjanowka
    • 12 colonies named Alexandrovka/Alexandrowka
    • 11 colonies named Antonovka/Antonowka

There will still be some minor updates to the entries in the coming weeks, including some additional ancestral names and spellings along with designating whether the colony was on the Ukrainian or Polish Volhynia Stumpp map, for those keeping track. 

Maps refreshed: 
Germans from Russia Settlement Locations and Volhynia Colonies group map. As always, you can find all our current maps on our maps and data page. 


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18 October 2016

Forget not the place where your cradle stood, for you will never have another homeland.

This is a mesmerizing video of the history of Europe mapped out one year at a time, showing wars through time and empires built and lost.  And most importantly, it shows how often borders changed and cultures evolved.

Keep an eye on where your ancestors came from in Germany and Russia and note how much it changed.  This brings home for me why the Germans from Russia Settlement Locations project is so important.

It's more than just a bunch of pins on a map marking tiny villages that existed long ago.  It marks where our cradles stood.


Map Refresh - Closing in on 1,000 Volhynia Villages Found

The village finds in Volhynia continue to grow with another 109 this week.  We're still in Volhynia-Ukraine (not in Poland yet) and are approaching 1,000 villages there alone.  Not bad for 3 months' time.  

Many of these, no surprise, are defunct villages with little information about them other than they existed however briefly.  Many are calculated from coordinates of other known villages that still exist and cross-referenced and verified with the Global Gazetteer  and The German-Russian Handbook.  At about 30 minutes per village, it's a fair amount of work, but we thought as long as we're in the neighborhood, might as well get them all.

Today we have four map refreshes.

Germans from Russia Settlement Locations Map (all villages):   Includes updates for Glückstal and Volhynia colonies listed below.  

Black Sea Colonies: Includes update for Glückstal colonies listed below.

Glückstal Colonies: One alternate colony name was added for Kassel. 

Volhynia Colonies: Additional 109 colonies.  Alternate ancestral names included, so there will be duplicates; check the districts and coordinates to be sure you have the right one.
Adamowka, Adamovka, Alexandrowka, Alexandrovka, Aleksandrovka, Aleksandrowka, Alexandrowka, Alexandrovka, Aleksandrovka, Aleksandrowka, Alexandrowka, Alexandrovka, Alexandrowka, Alexandrovka, Aleksandrovka, Aleksandrowka, Alt Pawlowka, Alt Pavlovka, Stara Pawlowka, Stara Pavlovka, Alt Polanowka, Alt Polanovka, Polanowka Stare, Anielowka, Anielovka, Antonowka, Antonovka, Antonowka, Antonovka, Boguslawka, Boguslavka, Boguslawowka, Borowka, Borovka, Boruchow, Borukhov, Chmielowka, Khmielovka, Chopniow, Khopniow, Cuman, Suman’, Tsuman, Dabrowka, Dabrovka, Dombrovka, Debryco, Debryco Wielke, Debryco Mala, Derno, Diatkiewitsche, Diatkieviche, Diadkiewiczy, Dobra, Domaschow, Domashov, Domazow, Ewelinow, Evelinov, Wolkownia Volkovniya, Falkowschtschizna, Falkovshchizna, Fürstental, Kustarnaya, Gruschwica, Gruszwica, Gruszwica, Harazdze, Garazdzha, Hermanowka, Hermanovka, Holodnica, Kalinowka, Hutwin, Hutvin, Ignatowka, Ignatovka, Ignatowka Kolonie, Ignatovka Kolonie, Jalowica, Yalovica, Jaminiec, Yaminiec, Yaminez, Janowka, Yanovka, Josefin, Jutrzyn, Yutrzyn, Kadischtsche, Kadishche, Kadyszcze, Kamionka, Kamenka, Karlsberg, Karolsberg, Klimentowka, Klimentovka, Klementovka, Kolow, Kolov, Koryty, Koryto, Krasilno, Kurdyban, Leontowka, Leontovka, Lipnik, Lucynow, Lucynov, Lucenow, Lucenov, Maiden, Maydan, Majdan, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Michailowka, Mikhailovka, Michailowka, Mikhailovka, Michalowka, Mielniza, Melinza, Mikolajowka, Mikolayovka, Mikolaevka, Milaschow, Milashov, Milashev, Milaszew, Mochulky, Machulek, Motschulki, Moczulki, Mydzk Kolonie, Mydzk Wielke, Mydzk, Mitsk, Mizk, Naszieja, Naszieya, Neu Pawlowka, Neu Pavlovka, Nova Pawlowka, Nova Pavlovka, Neu Polanowka, Neu Polanovka, Polanowka Nowe, Nova Lubomirsk, Nowe Lubomirka, Novaya Zemlya, Neu Ziemia, Novaya Kotovskaya, Nowaja Semlja, Olchowka, Olkhovka, Omelana Wielka, Omelana Vielka, Omelno, Ostrow, Ostrov, Palsch, Palcza, Pendyki, Pendyky, Poddebcy, Poddebce, Pokaschtschow, Pokashchov, Pokaszczow, Pokosy, Polany, Ponebel, Pukhovo, Pukhava, Puchowo, Mariendorf, Pulik I, Pulik II, Rafalowka, Rafalovka, Rafailowka, Rozanka, Rudnia, Rudnya, Schinutka, Shinutka, Zinowka, Zinovka, Sergiejewka, Sielischtsche, Sielishche, Sieliszcze, Silno, Sylne, Sofiewka, Sofievka, Zofjowka, Zofyovka, Stanislawka, Stanislavka, Stydynska Kolonie, Sytnik, Sytne, Kistne, Taraz, Taray, Toraz, Tomaschow, Tomashov,Tomaszow, Tomaschowka, Tomashovka, Tomaszowka, Trosteniec, Trostiniec, Trostieniec-Jozefiny, Josefine-Trostenez, Vincentowka, Vincentovka, Wincentowka, Waldheim, Meshelski, Siwer, Siver, Wertapa, Vertapa, Vertepy, Wierzchowsk, Zwerchowsk, Wischniow, Vishniov, Wiszniow, Wolka, Volka, Groß Marcelindorf, Gross Marzelindorf, Wygoda, Vygoda, Zdolbica, Zicisze, Zatiszcze, Zosin, Soshin.

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11 October 2016

Milestone: 2,018 Villages Found!

Sometime in May after Dennis found 1,000 villages, and I was scrambling to redesign our Google map to accommodate that number, he said to me, "I think we're going to hit 2,000."

On Sunday, 9 October 2016, he sent me an email: 
"Just entered #2,000Volhynia Colonies Wladislawowka II, Vladislavovka II..."
If your ancestor was from that colony, congratulations!  You're our 2,000th customer!

And so this morning, finding another limitation of Google maps, I scrambled to slightly re-design the full map again to make sure I can bring you all 2,018 villages in one map.  Although I hope I won't be re-designing maps every six months going forward, as we always say, this is a work in progress. 

Today we have four map refreshes.

Germans from Russia Settlement Locations Map (all villages):   Includes updates for Crimean and Volhynia colonies listed below.

Black Sea Colonies: Includes updates for Crimean colonies listed below.

Crimean Colonies:  Two additional colonies with alternate ancestral names.  This was a request we had from one of our readers that we were able to fulfill quickly.
Lustigtal, Pascha-Tschokmak, Pasha-Chokmak, Sary-Pasha-Chokmak, Chkmak, Hochfeld

Volhynia Colonies: Additional 88 colonies.  Alternate ancestral names included, so there will be duplicates; check the districts and coordinates to be sure you have the right one.
Adamowka, Adamovka, Adamowka, Adamovka, Adamowka, Adamovka, Alexandrowka, Alexandrovka, Aleksandrovka, Aleksandrowka, Anatolia, Pereparow-Anatolia, Pereparov-Anatolia, Bakowce, Bakovtsy, Balarka, Balary, Boremel, Bozew Kolonie, Bozev Kolonie, Bozkiewitschi, Bozkievichy, Bozkiewiczy, Bryshyche, Bresca, Ceparow, Ceparov, Chornaya Losa Kolonie, Tschornaja Losa Kolonie, Czarna Loza, Tshornaja Losa, Chorow, Khorov, Dabrowa, Dabrova, Dabrowka, Dabrovka, Demidowka, Demidovka, Edwardorf, Edvardorf, Edwardowka, Edvardovka, Edwardsdorf, Glupanin, Goncharikha, Gontscharicha, Gonczarycha, Honcharykha, Hanshricka, Groß Dorohostaye, Gross Dorohostaye, Gross Dorohostae, Gross Dorohostaje, Gross Dorogostaye, Dorogostay, Groß Zahorce, Gross Zahorce, Gross Zahoriz, Groß Zytin, Gross Zytin, Zytyn, Hajenka, Hayenka, Haenka, Holeschow, Holeshov, Holeszow, Horodischtsche, Horodishche, Gorodishche, Horodyszcze, Horodniza, Gorodnice, Horyngrod, Hubin, Gubin, Jankowce, Yankovce, Jaroslawice, Jaroslawicze, Julianowka, Yulianovka, Jwanowka, Kalinowka, Kalinovka, Kalino, Kamienna Werba, Kamienna Verba, Karolinka, Kazmierowka, Kazmierovka, Klein Zahorce, Klein Zahoriz, Kniahinin, Kopan, Koppan, Krasnopol, Krzywucha, Krzyvukha, Libanowka, Liminowka, Lipa, Lipszczyzna, Malin, Malowana, Malovana, Melevanna, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Michailowka, Mikhailovka, Mirotin, Mirotyn, Mirocin, Mitnica, Mytnica, Moskowschtschizna, Moskovshchizna, Moskiewszcyzna, Murawica, Muravica, Murawitz, Nesselgrund, Dziechciatnia, Diesiatina, Niwy Zloczowskie, Nowiny Dobratinski, Noviny Dobratinsky, Nowiny Dobrazynskie, Nowiny, Noviny, Ostrow, Ostrov, Ozierany, Yezierany, Jezierany, Peratin-Adamow, Peratin-Adamov, Peratyn-Adamow, Peremyl, Pietuschkow, Pietushkov, Pietuszkow, Ploschtscha-Lomanowskaja, Ploshcha-Lomanovskaya, Ploszcza Lomanowska, Podwysockie, Hohenberg, Pogorelts, Polanka, Polonka, Porozow, Porozov, Potyka, Polike, Pulganow, Pulganov, Pustomyty Kolonie, Redkoduby, Redke Duby, Redke Dubi, Retschischtsche, Rechishche, Reczyszoze, Rudetschka, Rudechka, Silanowica, Silanovica, Smyga, Smyha, Stepanowka, Stepanovka, Taikury, Tajkury, Tarnawka, Tarnavka, Teklowka, Teklovka, Tereschicowiec, Tereschkowce, Tereshicoviec, Terehkovce, Terespol, Terepol, Welnitsche, Welnicze, Velniche, Werben, Wielka Horodnica, Horodnica, Wilhelmowka, Wilhelmovka, Wladislawowka II, Vladislavovka II, Wladyslawowka II, Wolkowyje, Volkovyye, Worotniow, Vorotniov, Wydumki, Zabokrzyky Dolina, Zabokrzyki Dolina, Balarka

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04 October 2016

Map Refresh: Crimea, Volhynia, Black Sea Colonies, Germans from Russia Settlement Locations Maps

Four map refreshes today with a total of 1929 villages.

Germans from Russia Settlement Locations Map (all villages):   Includes updates for Crimean and Volhynia colonies listed below.

Black Sea Colonies: Includes updates for Crimean colonies listed below.

Crimean Colonies:  Additional ancestral names for Heilbrunn, Herzenberg and Zürichtal.

Volhynia Colonies: Additional 101 colonies (alternate ancestral names included, so there may be duplicates; check the districts to be sure).  Alt Dabrowa, Annanowka, Annanovka, Antonowka, Antonovka, Antonowka I & II, Antonovka I & II, Anusin, Kolonia Anusin, Bialaschow, Bialashov,Bialashow, Bialashov, Beloshev, Bialaszew, Biskupitsche, Biskupiche, Biskupicze, Bludow, Bludov, Byten, Charukov, Czarukow, Tscharukow, Chobot, Khobot, Chorow, Khorov, Horov, Cieschin, Cieshin, Cheshin, Cieszn, Tscheshin, Czarny Las, Czerniawka, Cherniavka, Tscherniawka, Dabrowa, Dabrova, Derechin, Dereczyn, Deredhyn, Dolsk, Dubniki, Edwardpol, Eduardpol, Gaj, Gay, Glebochica, Glebotschica, Gleboczyca, Grabna, Grabina, Groß Zdzary, Groß Shdzhary, Gross Zdzary, Zdary Wielke, Gruschowka, Grushovka, Gruszowka, Gubin Budki, Hajki, Hayky, Gayki, Helenowka, Helenovka, Ischow, Ishov, Iszow, Jadwigin, Yadvigin, Jadwinowka, Yadvinovka, Janowka, Yanovka, Jasienowka, Yasienovka, Jeziercy, Yeziercy, Yeziorce, Eziercy, Julianowka, Yulianovka, Kalinowka, Kalinovka, Kallinow, Kallinov, Kaluka, Kolodesh, Kolodez, Natalin-Kolodesh, Kolonie Byten, Kolpytow, Kolpytov, Korchunek, Kortschunek, Korczunek, Kowban, Kovban, Krat, Krac, Krats, Leonin, Liski, Lisky, Lukowka, Lukovka, Lyubytiv, Lubitow, Maidan, Majdan, Makowitsche, Makoviche, Makowiece, Maniewitsche, Manieviche, Manevichi, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Maria-Wola, Maria-Vola, Marysia, Marysa, Mielnica, Milnica, Miryn, Merin, Meryn, Moschtschanka, Moshchanka, Moszczanka, Muntowka, Muntovka, Natalin, Natolin, Niewir, Nievir, Nevir, Niwa, Niva, Nowina, Novina, Ochnowka, Okhnovka, Ochnovka, Oles’k, Olesk, Olgin, Oschtschow, Oshchov, Oszczow, Ushchov, Owlotschin, Ovlochin, Owloczyn, Pereslawiczy, Prezlawize, Piluga, Podryze, Poryck, Porych Stary, Poworsk, Povorsk, Pustomyty, Puzow, Puzov, Pusov, Radomle, Rudka Mirynska, Schklin, Shklin, Shklin Kolonie, Sierakowka, Sierakovka, Sigmuntowka, Sigmundtovka, Zygmuntowka, Skabielka, Skobelka, Sofiewka, Sofievka, Sofiewka, Sofievka, Stanislawka, Stanislavka, Stanislawow, Stanislavov, Stanislawowka, Stanislavovka, Stepanowka, Stefanovka, Stepanovka, Swiniuchy, Sviniukhy, Swinetz, Svinetz, Tahachin, Tagachin, Tagatschin, Tagaczyn, Troscianka, Turzysk, Tyszcza, Uchowieck, Ukhovieck, Uchawieck, Werba, Verba, Wodzynsk, Wodzinek, Wolka, Volka, Wotschin, Vochin, Vodzinek, Worczyn, Wygadanka, Vygadanka, Wygranka, Vygranka, Zarzyce, Zelinow, Zelinov, Zielona, Zygmuntowka, Zygmuntovka


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03 October 2016

Finding Your Volhynian Village and Beginning Polish Genealogy & Geography

Although surnames in villages is not in the scope of our research, we realize that this is a difficult part of family research for those with Volhynia-Poland and Volhynia-Ukraine roots.

Since we started posting the Volhynia villages on our site, we've had a lot of questions about which surnames related to villages.  People have their family surname and know that they were ethnic Germans living in the Volhynia area (Poland or NW Ukraine), but they don't have their village name. Or they have a village name, but the spelling doesn't match anything we've found so far.

There is a very large percentage of defunct villages in this area, and we are trying to pinpoint as many as we can.  We know that at one moment in time, it may have been your ancestor's village, so we want to do our best to find it for you.

Last week I watched a webinar by Jonathan Shea called "Beginning Polish Genealogy."  It is free for viewing only through October 5 on Legacy Family Tree Webinars.  After that, you can subscribe to view. I will admit, this is difficult material but worth the effort.  Plan to take a lot of screen shots because not everything is in the syllabus.

If you do subscribe to Legacy's webinar series, I suggest subscribing for a month and binge-watching all the webinars on Germany, Eastern Europe, Poland, Russia, etc.  Some good stuff in there.

Hope this helps those who are struggling with finding the name of their Volhynian villages.

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