05 January 2017

Landau, Beresan

Landau was a Mother colony in the Beresan area founded in 1809. Before Germans settled, the town was called Dvenadtsaty Krinitsy.  There was a cholera outbreak in 1831, and many died.  However, the village reached its peak development just before the 100th anniversary of its founding.

Plat map of Landau
Source: Paradise on the Steppe, p. 296-297
Map courtesy of  Black Sea German Research plat map collection
In 1909, the population was 2,457 in 510 Catholic families. There were also 10 Jewish families and about 100 Russian farmhands and housemaids.

The town had three wind-driven grist mills, two steam-powered mills, six stores, a wine tavern, a liquor store and an inn.  It was home to several craftsmen and tradesman including three blacksmiths, two cabinet makers, three potters, a butcher, a shoemaker and a tailor.

Every year, Landau had two fairs which brought about 855 rubles of income to the community.

Year    Population
1859   1,968
1881   3,952
1885   4,244
1890   4,656
1894   4,879
1903   2,183
1905   2,048
1907   2,431
1913   2,851
1926   2,653

Location of Landau, Beresan



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