15 January 2017

Franzfeld, Liebental District, Odessa

Franzfeld was one of the ten Mother colonies in the Liebental District founded in 1804. Its Russian name at the time was Michailowka.

In 1905, there were 924 residents of Franzfeld with 130 houses.  The majority of 5,696 acres of land comprising the colony was used for plowland, with 1,045 acres used as pasture for the colony's 400 horses and 732 head of cattle.

On 19 April 1849, work began on the new Catholic church for the growing community.  It was completed on 13 May 1851 and dedicated to the Archangel St. Michael.  Because there was no regular priest, the parishioners submitted a petition to become an independent parish, which was granted 3 March 1853.  Their first priest  arrived 25 May 1853, and the church was consecrated 1 October 1861.

Plat map of Franzfeld
Source: Paradise on the Steppe, p. 262

Location of Franzfeld



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