12 March 2017

Map Refresh: Galizien and Volga Regions

The maps for the Galizien and Volga areas have been refreshed with the latest data.

The Galizien colonies now have links to the Rudolf Unterschütz Map of the German Settlements in Galicia, which the Galizien German Descendants society has obtained permission to use and allowed us to link to from their website.

The Volga map has 46 additional colonies, bringing the total in that area now to 376. The naming standard for current names of defunct villages is rolling out in Volga along with additional sources and links to Google maps of current locations, which often include photos of the village and sometimes other information researchers may find useful, especially in larger towns.

The full Germans from Russia Settlement Locations map has been updated as well.  And as always, you can find all the maps on the menu on the right and on the Maps and Data page.

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10 March 2017

Finding Yarmi

Location of Bischofsfeld, Kutshurgan, Odessa (AKA Yarmi)
Cynthia Goetz Stone began her long search for her maternal German-Russian great-grandma Amelia's birthplace in 1999. 

Amelia Heier Hartman's death card very clearly stated she was born in Yarmi, Russia.  

The problem was no one had ever heard of Yarmi.  

The village was not mentioned in any of the research materials available at the time. For years she searched until she came across a reference to a village that sounded like it, Yereme, and learned the full Russian name of Yereme, the village her great-grandmother knew as Yarmi, was Jeremejewka.  

Later she learned the German name of the village was Bischofsfeld.

Bischofsfeld was was a Catholic daughter colony in the Kutschurgan district founded in 1887. Today Yarmi is called Yeremiivka (Єреміївка), located in the Odes'ka Oblast in Ukraine.

You can read Cynthia's touching story about her search for her great-grandma's beloved Yarmi in the latest edition (March 2017) of the Germans from Russia Heritage Society's journal Heritage Review.

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03 March 2017

Mischeny, Cahul, Bessarabia

Mischeny was founded in 1912 on land bought from a Bulgarian community.  The population in 1939 was 83.  Today it's known as Meşeni and is situated in Moldova. 

Plat map of Mischeny
Source: Deutsches Auslands-Institute (DAI) microfilm T81, 8374, Allen Konrad
Map courtesy of the Black Sea German Research plat map collection

Location of Mischeny



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Benkendorf, Akkerman, Bessarabia

Plat map of Benkendorf
Source: 1963 Heimutbuch Benkendorf
Map courtesy of the Black Sea German Research plat map collection
Benkendorf was founded in 1863.

Today Benkendorf is a part of Velykomar'yanivka (Великомар'янівка) in the Odessa oblast, Ukraine.  Its population in 2001 was 774. 

Location of Benkendorf



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