15 January 2017

Neuburg, Liebental District, Odessa

Neuburg was a mother colony founded in 1804.  After being a colony with no name for a while, it was named after the Bavarian town of Neuburg. The village was situated between Mariental to the north and Alexanderhilf to the south.

Plat map of Neuburg
Source: Erinnerungen an die deutschen Kolonien des Großliebentaler Rayons bei Odessa
Map courtesy of the Black Sea German Research website plat map collection
The Baraboi River ran through the colony, making it picturesque and offering very fertile soil consisting of a layer of black humus and saltpeter and a bottom layer of lime and clay. The land was good for growing grains and grasses as well as for gardens and trees. Acacia, elm, mulberry, ash and willow trees did well. Fruit trees, including apple, plum and apricot grew slower and were in decline in the village report of 1848 due to drought, infestation of caterpillars and of neglect.

Plat map of Neuburg
Source: Homesteaders on the Steppe, p. 341

Year     Population
1816      315
1859      827
1881      806
1890      877
1903      835
1907      840
1915      782
1926      871
1943    1110

Location of Neuburg



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