20 December 2016

Next Up: Galizien

We're pleased to announce a collaboration with the Galizien German Descendants to bring to you the German villages in Galizien (Galicia).

This area is in east central Europe, north of the Carpathian Mountains.  It was a former province of Austria and now forms part of southeastern Poland and western Ukraine.  For those of you who've been waiting for more Poland, this is for you. This should also fill in some of the gap in Ukraine between Volhynia and Bessarabia.

We're lucky to have the Galizien German Descendants' expertise on this. They brought some great map sources the project of which we were unaware: Die deutschen Siedlungen in Galizien (German Settlements in Galicia) by Rudolph Untershütz and the military survey maps from Mapire's Historical Maps of the Habsberg Empire.  These along with our always reliable Global Gazetteer will be our main sources for locating the villages.  Galizien German Descendants website has much of the rest of the information that we generally collect and post on the maps, so if you're curious, you should check them out ahead of time.  

Look for an early version of this area on our main Google map sometime in January.

Die deutschen Siedlungen in Galizien (German Settlements in Galicia) by Rudolph Untershütz
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