10 December 2016

Mannheim, Kutschurgan

Plat map of Mannheim
Source: Paradise on the Steppe, p. 284
Mannheim was one of the six Mother colonies in the Kutschurgan district. Founded in 1808 by families from Alsace, Bavarian Palatinate, Baden and Prussia-Poland.  The ten families from Poland moved there as early as 1804 and continued on to Mannheim in 1809.  

All the houses in Mannheim were constructed of good quality stone as there were over 70 acres of shallow quarries in the area.

Mannheim was primarily a wheat growing community.  There were a few craftsmen, two steam-powered flour mills, an oil mill, a cooperative store, nine dry goods and grocery stores, four wine taverns and a hostelry (inn).

Location of Mannheim, Kutschurgan



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