14 December 2016

Elsaß, Kutschurgan

Plat map of Elsaß without family names.  Note the position of the buildings for each lot.
Source: Paradise on the Steppe, p. 290
Elsaß was one of the six Mother colonies in the Kutschurgan district.

It should be noted that Elsasß owned more land than any other Kutschurgan colony.  In addition to the original allotment of Crown land (9,614 acres) which was cultivated in grain, pasture and hayfields, Elsaß had another 40,500 acres of privately purchased land which its farmers had acquired from the surrounding region. They also leased land from Russian neighbors. Large stone granaries stood as proof of their prosperity.

There were a number of stonecutters in Elsaß along with five blacksmiths, five cabinet makers, four shoemakers and three tailors. There was a large steam-powered mill, four general stores, a beer tavern and a whiskey monopolka (polka hall?).

Plat map of Elsaß
Source: Paradise on the Steppe, p. 228

Location of Elsaß, Kutschurgan



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