17 December 2016

German Settlements on the Crimean Peninsula

The map of the German settlements on the Crimean peninsula (Die deutschen Siedlungen auf der Halbinsel Krim) has been completed.  There are now an additional 108 colonies, bringing the total for the Crimean peninsula to 287 colonies.

If we missed one, or you have one that may not have be included on the Stumpp map (not unheard of - we've added a few in this manner), please contact us with whatever information you may have about the village.  We'll do our best to locate it and add it to the map.

The maps updated are
Germans from Russia Settlements Map (all villages)   2,672 colonies
Black Sea Region 1,342 colonies
Crimean Colonies  287 colonies

This will be our last map update this year as we take a break for the holidays.  We'll be back at work in January with a new area.

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