26 August 2016

New Map - Volhynia Colonies

We're pleased to release a new map of the Volhynia Colonies.  

Volhynia is a historical area in northwest Ukraine bordering Poland and Belarus. German immigrants to Volhynia came not at the invitation of the Russian crown but rather by the invitation of wealthy landowners.  Because of this, they received no settlement help and did not have same privileges or regulations that other German immigrants had in the Volga and Black Sea areas.  

Settlements began between the first and second partitions of Poland with the earliest recorded in 1783 with the heaviest migrations into the area in 1831 with a second wave beginning in 1863.  

This is just the beginning of this particular group of colonies.  As you know, this is all a work in progress.

This new colony group has also been added to the map of all Germans from Russia villages map.