08 August 2016

Maps Make Great Reading References

Remember when you would keep a dictionary on hand to look up words you didn't know? 

This morning I was proofreading a translation of an article about the contributions of German women's groups in Bessarabia during Romanian occupation between 1918 and 1940.  An interesting article, it mentions that these women's groups made impacts on the lives of housewives, mothers and children in over fifty colonies in Bessarabia.  And it mentioned several of them: Sarata, Neu Odessa, Tarutino, Teplitz, Arzis, Neu Posttal, Bad Burnas.

As I've become accustomed to doing lately, I brought up a map, the Bessarabian colony map in this case, and searched for the colonies as I ran across the names in the articles to find out where they were located.  Pretty handy reading reference, I must say.

Look for the article mentioned above in the upcoming September 2016 issue of the Heritage Review, the journal of the Germans from Russia Heritage Society.