30 August 2016

A Major Milestone

Today the Germans from Russia Settlement Locations project has reached a major milestone in its efforts to locate and document German settlements in Russia.  There were approximately 3,000 ethnic settlements attributed to the German people, and we have located 1,519 thus far, with over 1,400 of those found in the last six months.

Having reached the halfway mark, we wanted to take a moment to thank all those who have contributed their time, expertise, patience and encouragement of this project. Without your interest and support of what we're doing, this project would not be where it is today.  I wanted give my personal thanks to Dennis Bender, the project's chief researcher, for his determination and tireless efforts. I am in constant amazement of what he achieves.

And now we keep going.

All of the maps have been refreshed with the latest data this morning.    


Total village count so far: 1,519

Germans from Russia Settlement Locations Map (full map)
Germans from Russia Settlements Map (all villages)

Three Major Areas of German Settlement in Russia
Black Sea Region
Volga Region
Volhynia Region

Colony Group Maps 
Beresan Colonies (86)
Bessarabian Colonies (185)
Chortitza Colonies (127)
Crimean Colonies (110)
Dobrudscha Colonies (44)
Early Black Sea Colonies (1)
Glückstal Colonies (45)
Hoffnungstal Colonies (55)
Kutschurgan Colonies (60)
Liebental Colonies (51)
Molotschna Colonies (87)
Prischib Colonies (44)
Volga Colonies (329)
Volhynia Colonies