09 August 2016

Map Refresh and Chortitza Colonies Done!

All of the maps have been refreshed with the latest data this morning, including 22 new Chortitza colonies.  We now consider Chortitza complete.  Email us  if you have any questions about it or if we missed something.  

Many thanks to Mel Bender for loaning us the Stumpp map to complete that area.

Total village count so far: 1224

Bessarabian Colonies (185)
Chortitza Colonies 
Crimean Colonies 
Dobrudscha Colonies 
Early Black Sea Colonies (1)
Glückstal Colonies 
Hoffnungstal Colonies 
Kutschurgan Colonies 
Liebental Colonies 
Molotschna Colonies 
Prischib Colonies 
Volga Colonies (329)