11 August 2016

Maps Are Great for Reverse Lookups

Find a Grave, like many other genealogy resources, uses current names for their place names. Dennis and a few very persistent volunteers of Find a Grave have been requesting missing place names so cemeteries can be set up and memorials created for our Germans from Russia ancestors buried in the old country.

Are you surprised that Find a Grave doesn't have ALL places in their database?  You shouldn't be.  It, too, is a work in progress.

Today I was looking through memorials and tracing a family tree.  Ironically, this time there were only current names of villages and no ancestral names or biographies to give me hints.  I searched our map for places like Kurortne and Zolote Pole, and found them on our map in Crimea.  Their ancestral names are Friedental and Zürichtal respectively.


Where else you can do that?