11 November 2016

Village Plat Maps

My name is Sandy.  
I'm German, and I love maps. 

[Audience:  Hi Sandy.]

It's no secret. Germans love their maps. And in the spirit of this, we're starting a series of short posts about some of the villages and including their plat maps along with current locations.

Plat maps show actual or proposed features of a village, such as streets, houses, churches, cemeteries, schools, orchards, marketplace, etc. Some include family names on lots as they were remembered by residents of the village at some point in time. Compare what what is found on the plat map with what remains of the village today from aerial photo you'll find on our maps.

Not all villages have plat maps.  But there are several collections of them on the web, and we will begin including links in the village data when you click on a pin, too. If you know of any plat maps out there, please email us the URL and original source if it's not included.

We hope you'll find this nod to the past and the present interesting, insightful, and that it will spur conversation with family members now that the holidays are approaching.

# # #