15 November 2016

Eben-Ezer, North Caucasus

Eben-Ezer was a colony founded in the North Caucasus in 1904 by former residents of the village Emmaus, about 45 miles (73 km) to the southeast, as the crow flies. The colonists left Emmaus because of attacks from mountain tribes. They were joined in Eben-Ezer and by residents of other Cloeter (Clöter) settlements.

Eben-Ezer plat map
Source: 1961 Heimatbuch der Deutschen aus Russland
Map courtesy of Black Sea German Research plat map collection
These Cloeter settlements were founded by followers of Lutheran pastor Samuel Gottfried Christoph Clöter (1823-1896), who was an influential pastor who had preached about the coming end of days since 1865. He purchased land on the Terek River southern Russia to establish a chiliastic separatist settlement. He considered the area "God's chosen land for the millennial kingdom."

Location of Eben-Ezer, North Caucasus