30 November 2016

Major Milestone: 2,509 Villages Found

We have hit another major milestone in our project of locating all German settlements in Russia: 2,509 villages located and plotted on Google maps.  With approximately 3,000 known ethnic German settlements in Russia, we seem to be closing in on that number.

This week we've refreshed every map and are releasing five new maps with villages found in Karl Stumpp's "Map of the German Settlements in the Nikolaev Oblast."  Two of the new maps contain scattered settlements across the Taurida and Kherson Governorates that clearly weren't a part of any other well known colony group.  We hesitated using those names for the groups, but Stumpp referred to "scattered settlements," and so we followed suit.  For now.  This is still a work in progress.   

Since we've hit such a big number of villages, if you're not using the search function already, you should be.  Look for the magnifying glass icon on the left side in the legend.  Every single word in the data we present is indexed, which should help you quickly find what you're looking for. 

Germans from Russia Settlement Locations Map (full map)  
Germans from Russia Settlements Map (all villages)   2,509 villages

Three Major Areas of German Settlement in Russia
Black Sea Region  1,178 villages
Volga Region   329 villages
Volhynia Region   1,002 villages

Colony Group Maps 
Beresan Colonies  103 villages
Bessarabian Colonies  189 villages
Caucasus Colonies   170 villages
Chortitza Colonies   125 villages
Crimean Colonies  115 villages
Dobrudscha Colonies   44 villages
Early Black Sea Colonies  4 villages
Glückstal Colonies    44 villages
Hoffnungstal Colonies    56 villages
Kherson Colonies    41 villages
Kronau Colonies   13 villages
Kutschurgan Colonies   60 villages
Liebental Colonies     40 villages
Molotschna Colonies    87 villages
Prischib Colonies     45 villages
Schwedengebiet Colonies     7 villages
Taurien Colonies    18 villages
Volga Colonies    329  villages
Volhynia Colonies   1,002 villages
Zagradovka Colonies   17 villages


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