22 November 2016

Alexanderfeld, Liebental

Alexanderfeld was a daughter colony founded in 1866 by families from other Liebental colonies. One source indicates there were two religions conscriptions among the villagers, Protestant and Catholic, although the plat map that exists for it, drawn in 1942, only shows one church, in all likelihood Catholic. The map also shows a drawing of the church and churchyard. 

Plat map of Alexanderfeld
Source: Paradise on the Steppe, Joseph S. Height
Map courtesy of Black Sea German Research plat map collection

On the lower right of the map, it shows a farmyard drawing of one of the residents.

Hof des Peter Kiefer 1920 (Courtyard of Peter Kiefer 1920)
1. Front door
2. Kitchen
3. Front house
4. Back yard
5. Room/chamber
6. Horse stable
7. Head for the carriage
8. Cow shed 
9. Summer kitchen
10. Cellar
11. Wagon shop
12. Pig pen

Location of Alexanderfeld, Liebental



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