14 November 2016

Map Refresh - Completion of the Caucasus Colonies

We have three maps refreshed today with the completion of the Caucasus colonies.  We say completion, but the success rate was 62.3%, far below what is normally found on a map. The area covered on the Stumpp map was very large, and the scale of it on the map didn't lend itself to accuracy. But there are 170 colonies now on the map for the whole Caucasus area, 144 in the north, 26 in the south. If anyone has any specifics about a colony we couldn't find, please let us know. 

As always, you can get to all our maps on the Maps and Data page.

Germans from Russia Settlements Map (all villages) - includes Caucasus additions
Black Sea Colonies - includes Caucasus additions
Caucasus Colonies - 109 new colonies in the North and South Caucasus areas

Total village count: 2,399


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