01 February 2017

Lichtental, Akkerman, Bessarabia

Lichtental was a Mother colony in Bessarabia founded 26 January 1834 by families from the districts of Ludwigsburg, Marbach and Waiblingen of Würtemberg and from nearby Mother colony Sarata. It is now a part of Svitlodolyns'ke, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine.  

The colony of Lichtental was the third colony founded in the area of the Sarata Tract.  It was originally known as No. III and called Treii Step (Third Steppe) by the Russians. In 1838, discussions began with the Colonist Welfare Committee and the Sarata Territorial board as to what the name the colony should have.  The colonists suggested Lobental, but the Committee responded with another name, Lichtental, to which the colonists agreed.  On 14 July 1840 the name of the colony became Lichtental.  
Plat map of Lichtental
Source: Lichtental, Bessarabien - Bilder einer schwaebischen Gemeinde
Map courtesy of the Black Sea German Research plat map collection 

In Immanuel Wagner's "History of the Establishment of the Colony of Sarata, 1822-1834," Jacob Heer wrote of the naming of the colony. 
"The request for the election of this name was, according to a parish notice, the wish of the congregation -- that the bright valley which was not shadowed by any woods, or even any brush, should be an ornament in every way...."
Location of Lichtental



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