04 February 2017

Dennewitz, Akkerman, Bessarabia

Dennewitz was a daughter colony in Bessarabia founded in 1834 by 15 families from other colonies in Bessarabia including Alt Posttal, Wittenberg and Kulm.  Some also came from Grunbach in Wüttemberg, from Baden and from Poland.  

The colony was founded on land that was owned by the Mother colony Teplitz.  The colony was originally named Hamburg after the tenant who owned the land.  However, the Government later named it Dennewitz in memory of the victory over Napoleon in Dennewitz, Prussia.  

Today, Dennewitz is called Pryamobalka (Прямобалка) in the Odessa Oblast, Ukraine.

Plat map of Dennewitz.
Source: Heimatkalender der Bessarabiendeutschen 1984
Map courtesy of the Black Sea German Research plat map collection
Location of Dennewitz



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