12 February 2017

Bessarabia Map Complete

Dennis has been spending some time going over Bessarabia again to make sure every village is accounted for from Karl Stumpp's Map of German Settlements in Bessarabia is on our map.  There have been a number of adjustments, a few additions, and he's also added a link to the current village in Google maps in the sources for each. You can click on this link and see information about the town as it exists today, sometimes including items such as population, area, time, temperature and photos. We'll be adding this to other areas over time.

Aside from adding plat maps, we believe that Bessarabia is now complete. If we're missing any villages that you can help guide us on finding, please let us know.

We have three map updates today, and the list of villages in PDF format has also been updated.  As always, you can get to all of our maps either from the menu on the right hand side of this page or from our Maps and Data page.

Bessarabian Colonies
Black Sea Colonies 
Germans from Russia Settlements Map (all villages) 


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