27 October 2016

Volhynia Colonies Complete - 1,002 found

We're please to announce that after three solid months of perseverance, 19 worksheets of calculations, two Stumpp maps, a now very tattered copy of The German-Russian Handbook, the Germans from Russia Settlement LocationsVolhynia Colonies map is complete with 1,002 colonies located by latitude and longitude and plotted on Google maps.  

Even though this is by far the most densely populated area in terms of number of colonies, we were not able to find every single German founded colony on the maps.  But the vast majority, well over 90%, were located including a large number of defunct villages.
  • 1,002 colonies located
  • 339 defunct (abandoned, destroyed, resettled) colonies located
  • Of the colony information available, 
    • 706 colonies were Protestant 
    • 3 colonies Mennonite.  
  • There were only 11 colonies with founding dates available, the oldest being Koretz in 1783.
  • There were many duplicated colony names, but the most popular were: 
    • 20 colonies named Marianovka/Marianowka
    • 13 colonies named Marjanowka
    • 12 colonies named Alexandrovka/Alexandrowka
    • 11 colonies named Antonovka/Antonowka

There will still be some minor updates to the entries in the coming weeks, including some additional ancestral names and spellings along with designating whether the colony was on the Ukrainian or Polish Volhynia Stumpp map, for those keeping track. 

Maps refreshed: 
Germans from Russia Settlement Locations and Volhynia Colonies group map. As always, you can find all our current maps on our maps and data page. 


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