18 October 2016

Map Refresh - Closing in on 1,000 Volhynia Villages Found

The village finds in Volhynia continue to grow with another 109 this week.  We're still in Volhynia-Ukraine (not in Poland yet) and are approaching 1,000 villages there alone.  Not bad for 3 months' time.  

Many of these, no surprise, are defunct villages with little information about them other than they existed however briefly.  Many are calculated from coordinates of other known villages that still exist and cross-referenced and verified with the Global Gazetteer  and The German-Russian Handbook.  At about 30 minutes per village, it's a fair amount of work, but we thought as long as we're in the neighborhood, might as well get them all.

Today we have four map refreshes.

Germans from Russia Settlement Locations Map (all villages):   Includes updates for Glückstal and Volhynia colonies listed below.  

Black Sea Colonies: Includes update for Glückstal colonies listed below.

Glückstal Colonies: One alternate colony name was added for Kassel. 

Volhynia Colonies: Additional 109 colonies.  Alternate ancestral names included, so there will be duplicates; check the districts and coordinates to be sure you have the right one.
Adamowka, Adamovka, Alexandrowka, Alexandrovka, Aleksandrovka, Aleksandrowka, Alexandrowka, Alexandrovka, Aleksandrovka, Aleksandrowka, Alexandrowka, Alexandrovka, Alexandrowka, Alexandrovka, Aleksandrovka, Aleksandrowka, Alt Pawlowka, Alt Pavlovka, Stara Pawlowka, Stara Pavlovka, Alt Polanowka, Alt Polanovka, Polanowka Stare, Anielowka, Anielovka, Antonowka, Antonovka, Antonowka, Antonovka, Boguslawka, Boguslavka, Boguslawowka, Borowka, Borovka, Boruchow, Borukhov, Chmielowka, Khmielovka, Chopniow, Khopniow, Cuman, Suman’, Tsuman, Dabrowka, Dabrovka, Dombrovka, Debryco, Debryco Wielke, Debryco Mala, Derno, Diatkiewitsche, Diatkieviche, Diadkiewiczy, Dobra, Domaschow, Domashov, Domazow, Ewelinow, Evelinov, Wolkownia Volkovniya, Falkowschtschizna, Falkovshchizna, Fürstental, Kustarnaya, Gruschwica, Gruszwica, Gruszwica, Harazdze, Garazdzha, Hermanowka, Hermanovka, Holodnica, Kalinowka, Hutwin, Hutvin, Ignatowka, Ignatovka, Ignatowka Kolonie, Ignatovka Kolonie, Jalowica, Yalovica, Jaminiec, Yaminiec, Yaminez, Janowka, Yanovka, Josefin, Jutrzyn, Yutrzyn, Kadischtsche, Kadishche, Kadyszcze, Kamionka, Kamenka, Karlsberg, Karolsberg, Klimentowka, Klimentovka, Klementovka, Kolow, Kolov, Koryty, Koryto, Krasilno, Kurdyban, Leontowka, Leontovka, Lipnik, Lucynow, Lucynov, Lucenow, Lucenov, Maiden, Maydan, Majdan, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Michailowka, Mikhailovka, Michailowka, Mikhailovka, Michalowka, Mielniza, Melinza, Mikolajowka, Mikolayovka, Mikolaevka, Milaschow, Milashov, Milashev, Milaszew, Mochulky, Machulek, Motschulki, Moczulki, Mydzk Kolonie, Mydzk Wielke, Mydzk, Mitsk, Mizk, Naszieja, Naszieya, Neu Pawlowka, Neu Pavlovka, Nova Pawlowka, Nova Pavlovka, Neu Polanowka, Neu Polanovka, Polanowka Nowe, Nova Lubomirsk, Nowe Lubomirka, Novaya Zemlya, Neu Ziemia, Novaya Kotovskaya, Nowaja Semlja, Olchowka, Olkhovka, Omelana Wielka, Omelana Vielka, Omelno, Ostrow, Ostrov, Palsch, Palcza, Pendyki, Pendyky, Poddebcy, Poddebce, Pokaschtschow, Pokashchov, Pokaszczow, Pokosy, Polany, Ponebel, Pukhovo, Pukhava, Puchowo, Mariendorf, Pulik I, Pulik II, Rafalowka, Rafalovka, Rafailowka, Rozanka, Rudnia, Rudnya, Schinutka, Shinutka, Zinowka, Zinovka, Sergiejewka, Sielischtsche, Sielishche, Sieliszcze, Silno, Sylne, Sofiewka, Sofievka, Zofjowka, Zofyovka, Stanislawka, Stanislavka, Stydynska Kolonie, Sytnik, Sytne, Kistne, Taraz, Taray, Toraz, Tomaschow, Tomashov,Tomaszow, Tomaschowka, Tomashovka, Tomaszowka, Trosteniec, Trostiniec, Trostieniec-Jozefiny, Josefine-Trostenez, Vincentowka, Vincentovka, Wincentowka, Waldheim, Meshelski, Siwer, Siver, Wertapa, Vertapa, Vertepy, Wierzchowsk, Zwerchowsk, Wischniow, Vishniov, Wiszniow, Wolka, Volka, Groß Marcelindorf, Gross Marzelindorf, Wygoda, Vygoda, Zdolbica, Zicisze, Zatiszcze, Zosin, Soshin.

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