03 October 2016

Finding Your Volhynian Village and Beginning Polish Genealogy & Geography

Although surnames in villages is not in the scope of our research, we realize that this is a difficult part of family research for those with Volhynia-Poland and Volhynia-Ukraine roots.

Since we started posting the Volhynia villages on our site, we've had a lot of questions about which surnames related to villages.  People have their family surname and know that they were ethnic Germans living in the Volhynia area (Poland or NW Ukraine), but they don't have their village name. Or they have a village name, but the spelling doesn't match anything we've found so far.

There is a very large percentage of defunct villages in this area, and we are trying to pinpoint as many as we can.  We know that at one moment in time, it may have been your ancestor's village, so we want to do our best to find it for you.

Last week I watched a webinar by Jonathan Shea called "Beginning Polish Genealogy."  It is free for viewing only through October 5 on Legacy Family Tree Webinars.  After that, you can subscribe to view. I will admit, this is difficult material but worth the effort.  Plan to take a lot of screen shots because not everything is in the syllabus.

If you do subscribe to Legacy's webinar series, I suggest subscribing for a month and binge-watching all the webinars on Germany, Eastern Europe, Poland, Russia, etc.  Some good stuff in there.

Hope this helps those who are struggling with finding the name of their Volhynian villages.

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