30 August 2020

Mapping America: August Update

Map of Germans from Russia in America as of August 30, 2020.

I know everyone is anxious to see their states and towns on the map. The latest map update includes updates that will help you understand what's still in the queue. 

The first part of North Dakota and South Dakota have been posted. This represents about one-third of what will eventually be there. On the map legend to the left, you'll see that both North Dakota and South Dakota are marked "in progress." 

Map showing North Dakota and South Dakota in progress.

The states that are still in the queue (not yet in progress) are now marked with a red flag on the map and the label "in queue" on the legend. This is to let you know that I know about them. 
Map showing four states that are marked "in queue".

If you click on flag on the map, you'll see some information about the state including the reported earliest year of German-Russian habitation and a list of all the places that were known to have had German-Russian residents at some point. 

Montana is a state that is still in the queue.

I'll make every attempt to do monthly posts on this effort for the remainder of the year along with some of the interesting places I run across along the way. Many of these are cataloged on the Twitter account for this project, which has served as a mini research log this year.