13 June 2017

Map Refresh: Galizien

The map of the Galizien colonies have been updated including some adjustments in location and/or current names for the following colonies: Alt-Bielitz, Bielitz, Hundstal, Kunzendorf, Krzywulanka, Kranzberg, Mariahilf, Marienhof, Mikulsdorf, Münchenthal, Muzylowice Narodowe, Neu-Babylon, Olszanka, Ostrowiec, Preppendorf.

While looking through the Gemeindelexikon der im Reichsrate vertretenen Königreiche und Länder (Gazetteer of the Crown Lands and Territories Represented in the Imperial Council), we found that a two villages on the historical map by Rudolf Unterschütz of Galizien were technically a part of Schlesien (Silesia) – Alt-Bielitz, Bielitz. The area reflects this now, and a reference to the pages online are included in the sources for each village.

The following maps have been updated:

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Galizien Sources:

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