27 June 2017

Alt-Kassel, Tiraspol District, Odessa

So Dennis Bender is back from the 2017 Journey to the Homeland tour orgniazed by the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, part of the North Dakota State University Libraries.  He's brought back a lot of photos without humans in them, at my request, and has been busily adding coordinates to them, including stray dogs and Ukrainian women.  

I'm not kidding.   

"Stray Dog at 45.9989°, 29.4148°"
Of course I looked it up.
It was in Artsyz, Ukraine just north of the Bessarabien ancestral colonies of Alt-Arzis and Brienne.
So, if you're missing this dog, it was seen at these coordinates on 22 May 2017.

In addition — and at least equally important — on his tour of Kassel in the Glückstal colonies, he learned from the tour guide, Serge Jaroslavjarik, that Kassel was resettled in the location we know of now. The original Kassel, Alt-Kassel (Old Kassel), was located northwest of there. It doesn't appear on any of the Karl Stumpp maps for the Odessa region, but it's referenced in the entry for Kassel in Ulrich Merten's German-Russian Handbook: A Reference Book for Russian German and German Russian History and Culture. It was resettled in 1843 due to recurrent spring flooding and lack of drinking water during drought conditions.

The location of the Glückstal colony of Alt-Kassel in relation to Kassel, where colonists moved around 1843.

The following maps have been updated with the new addition: 
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