24 May 2017

Map Refresh: Galizien Colonies

The village data for Galizien has been updated and posted.  Changes include updates to a few coordinates and current village names as well as some on-going validation of source links to all villages.  The villages with location updates include the following:
Alt-Huziejow, Alt-Oleksice, Hirschbach, Brody, Brunndorf, Burgau, Burgthal, Demnia-wyzna, Deutsch-Dabrowka, Engelsbrunn, Ernstdorf, Flehberg, Gassendorf, Gillershoff, Hartfeld, Hohenbach, Hundstal, Kaltwasser, Kalusz, Karlsdorf, Kleindorf, Knihinin, Kolpiec, Konstantówka, Korost, Sitauerówka, Slawitz and Sporysz.
Much gratitude goes to Dave Gorz and John Kaminski of the Galizien German Descendants society for their continued work on this area and for being my second and third set of eyes.  

The following online maps are now available: 

All of the maps available with their descriptions can be found on the menu to the right and on the Maps page.

You may notice that on the main GRSL map, Galizien has been moved into a layer named "Austrian Empire." There will be another group of villages joining it very shortly: Bukovina.

Galizien and even earlier, Dobrudscha, altered the scope of the project from being ethnic German villages in the Russian Empire only.  The project started out as a handful of Black Sea colonies with emphasis on Bessarabia and with perhaps the restrictive name of "Germans from Russia" settlement locations, but it grew into something more inclusive, and, I think, more useful for researchers whose families may have moved between those border regions. Nonetheless, I wanted to be clear that the Austrian empire was represented in the larger map for less experienced researchers.

And for now, the project name stands as it is.  When we're "done" (whatever that means), the map as a permanent source may undergo a name change that is more reflective of whatever we end up with. Until then, it remains the Germans from Russia Settlement Locations project.


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