10 November 2023

Harvesting and Seeding

2024 to-do list
From the top going clockwise: light blue = Far North or Novgorodian Russia.; red = Central or Muscovite Russia; purple = Little Russia or the Zaporizhian Host; dark blue = Southwestern Krai or Right-Bank Ukraine; yellow = Northwestern Krai; fuschia = Baltic or Ostsee governorates.

The last couple of weeks have been spent relaxing, harvesting data from a few sources, and planting seed locations for spring. 

The central part of Great Russia, the Far North and western provinces were not home to very many Germans, except St. Petersburg and the Baltic provinces. Elsewhere, they were there in smaller numbers. But they were there. Traditional Germans from Russia research rarely include these areas because of the smaller numbers and also they were not there because of Catherine the Great or Tsar Alexander I. They had different immigration stories...but, at the end, similar deportation stories. Also in the queue for next year is another round of deportation locations. 

Stay tuned see how all shakes out. The map grows and becomes more useful every year. 

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