16 September 2023

Last Presentation of 2023: Deportation Locations

My scratch map of places of deportation from the presentation. 
The last scheduled presentation of 2023 is now done. I did a deep dive into the research and sources used for the deportation locations layer of the map. It’s a difficult subject and no fun, but it’s a part of our history and needs to be included. Thanks to the Southern California Chapter of Germans from Russia for having me. 

Shown above is my private practice/research map. This is map on which I make notes about what I have found and what various sources indicate as places of deportation. The yellow shade is roughly the area of Asiatic Russia under the U.S.S.R. Interestingly, there are a lot of pins (i.e. places of deportation  in European Russia. Not all places of deportation were to “Siberia.” More to come on who went where, when, and for how long as research progresses. 

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