23 August 2018

Personal Migration and Resettlement

My ride to Arizona next month.
Image courtesy of the Sheboygan County Historical Research Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

The time has come for me to pack the maps, load the wagon, hitch up the camels and head out to my new colony in a place called Arizona.

True to my German from Russia migratory roots, this will be my 12th move. I'm trading in my palmettos for saguaros and moving back to the U.S. desert southwest after 18½ years on the east coast (Northern Virginia & South Carolina).  I'm looking forward to open space, ample access to green chile and drying out.

Although I've been keeping the social media stream (Twitter and Facebook – please follow one or both if you're into this kind of thing) for this project flowing, I haven't been posting much new over the summer, either on the maps or in story form on the blog. Been busy and otherwise distracted with planning a cross-country move.  

Expect things to get back to normal as we head into the fall, after migration and resettlement is complete.