30 June 2018

Map Refresh: June 2018

The data on all of the maps have been updated. Some of the data is new, some updated and all of the maps have had some structural changes to support some new features coming soon. 

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Volhynia and Chortitza: Updates and 10 new colonies added to Volhynia and five to Choritiza based on findings in the German Captured Documents collection. In Volhynia, the Korosten area as been done as best as I can at the moment; the Shitomar area is up next.  I'm pleased to have added so many founding years for these colonies, a rarity in Volhynia.

Siberia: 15 colonies added, some are deportation sites and some are Russian cities with significant German populations. 

Ural: 9 colonies south of Orenburg have been added not because anyone asked for them but because I went down a rabbit hole of old satellite imagery that proved very fruitful. It was a fun and very thoughtful distraction. The Ural group has also been added to the Asiatic Russian Colonies on the main map. The grouping in this case is geographical and not by immigrant experience as it is elsewhere in the map. I'm limited to 10 layers (major groups in the legend), so I'm doing my best to make things fit as logically as possible and still have them all on the same map. This frees up a layer for another area/map later this year. 

Early Black Sea: The four colonies have been moved into the Kherson and Yekaterinoslav groups instead of being a a group by themselves. It's still made very clear that these were very early colonies in the Black Sea area, established long before Tsar Alexander I opened up the Black Sea for settlement in 1804.

Astrakhan: For some reason, I forgot to create this map. So that's fixed.

Thanks to John Heisel, Mantvydas Juozapavičius, Steve Schreiber, Terry Wainright and Sergei Sauh for their contributions included in this update. Every little bit helps is greatly appreciated.


Enlarged and marked up section from Karl Stumpp's Map of the German settlement in the area Alt-Samara,
 Ufa-Davlekanovo, Orenburg, Neu-Samara and Aktyubinsk
. Older satellite imagery was helpful finding some of
these along with their distance and orientation from known, still existing Russian cities. 
Read more about this in the post Pentimento