18 May 2018

Map Refresh: Black Sea and Volhynia

This set of map refreshes include a lot of cleanup and standardization updates, but they also include the first set of updates to villages included in the German Captured Document Collection, including a few new villages.  Eighty villages now have sources that link back to those documents with some additions to their founding dates and religions, including more Jewish. Some are full village files, but others are a part of summaries.  The source link will take you to the first image of the section with the information about the village.  However, there may be other pages elsewhere in the films with more information.  It would probably be a good idea to check the working spreadsheet for more. 

The 80 villages include those in Beresan, Chortitza, Early Black Sea, Jewish Ag, Kherson, Kronau,  Yekaterinoslav, Zagradovka and Volhynia.

Easy way to find these?  Go to any of the maps that were updated below and click on the search icon at the top left of the map (the little magnifying glass).  Search for the phrase "German Captured Documents."


Maps updated:
Black Sea Area Colonies
Volhynia Area Colonies
Germans from Russia Settlement Locations