26 January 2018

Other Map Projects of Interest

I love maps and maintain that they are not only for locating places but also for telling stories, whether intentionally or not.

Below is a list of other map projects that locate ancestral German colonies on Google maps. These are not maintained by this site, but they are interesting and may be of value to your research or help you tell your story.


Map of German Settlements in Nikolajew Map of German colonies in area of modern Mykolaiv, Ukraine. This area was home to the Black Sea Germans. The map is organized by religious confession and includes some surnames of Germans who lived there. Map and research by Julia Silber and Viktor Drobny from Ukraine. This map is actively updated.
Map of German Settlements in Nikolajew

Map of Mennonite Colonies Map of Mennonite colonies organized by type of colony across all of Russia. It includes villages founded by Mennonites (majority population), other villages Mennonites lived at one point (minority population), chutors (guts) and forestry land. Interestingly, the site states that young Mennonite men chose to live and work in forests as an alternative to doing time in the military, and some of these forests are on this map. Map and research by Andreas Tissen and Viktor Petkau. This map is actively updated.
Map of Mennonite Colonies

MennoMaps This is a mobile app for Android devices that uses the data from the Map of Mennonite Colonies listed above and brought to the internet by João Guilherme Dyck from Brazil. This is one of his spare time projects.
MennoMaps for Android shows the number of colonies in an area.

Zoom in to see smaller groups and individual colony information.

Map of the Great Mennonite Trek to Central Asia This map is a companion to Walter Ratliff's book Pilgrims on the Silk Road (Wipf & Stock, 2010), and it focuses on the Mennonite Trek to Central Asia in the 1880s by families in South Russia who sold their land and migrated to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Ratliff and a group of colleagues (scholars and descendants) took a trip in 2007 from Bethel College, Kansas and retraced the steps, gathering settlement coordinates along the way. You can also find more about his research on his website.
The Great Mennonite Trek to Central Asia

Map of Vistula German Settlements This map consists of villages from the A. Breyer map of German settlements in middle Poland. It was scanned, geo-referenced (overlaid) and imported online to Carto maps.  The site says is a work in progress, but it's unknown how often it's updated.
German Settlements in Central Poland