22 September 2017

New Map: Saint Petersburg and Nowgorod Colonies

The German colonies in the Saint Petersburg and Nowgorod areas have been updated. There were a few on the big map already, done based on historical names, but Dennis has now completed measuring the coordinates of these colonies from Karl Stumpp's Karte der deutschen Siedlungen in den Gouv. St. Petersburg (Leningrad) u. Nowgorod.

Like Volga and Belowesch, the Mother colonies in this area are very old. Three were founded in 1765 and another three in 1767. In total, sixty-five locations were found. Six were not: Samsonowka, Schirokoje, Iwanowka, Kleine Kolonie, Salominka, Schäferkolonie. Those not located were in the southern part of St. Petersburg. If anyone has any information about location specifics those those six colonies, please let us know.

The maps are getting more difficult to find at this point in the project. This was not an easy map to get our hands on, so much thanks goes to Rachel Schmidt at the Germans from Russia Heritage Society for locating and sending a copy from the GRHS Library.

One new thing I'm doing with these colonies is adding photos to the colonies on the maps. Right now, you can click on the Google Map link in the sources to see the town or city as it is now. But by adding colony-specific photos (cemeteries, churches, houses, etc.), you will see German Russian specific photos (current and historic) and maps of the colony. In addition to adding to the "one stop shopping" for German villages, this will be helpful in at least a couple of ways: 

  • For further documenting defunct colonies that have no current photos, attaching historical photos or plat maps will hopefully show how alive the colony once was.
  • For those colonies that grew into much larger populations, photos will document the old structures of the colony separate from the rest of the newer areas. 

I love automation, and without it, the maps as you know them would not exist. The data refresh to hundreds or thousands of colonies at a time happens in a matter of minutes. However, there is no way to automate adding photos to custom Google maps. It's one photo at a time to one colony at a time. It's a labor of love, and a long term commitment. There are a few done, and over the next few days, more will be added, and I'll send out an update then. Have a look at Owcino to see where I'm going with this. You'll see a photo at the top, and if you scroll down, you'll see more. Just click on any of the photos to see more of them.

A multitude of thanks goes to Irina Kibina for allowing me to link to the photos she has on her website, Deutsche Kolonien bei Sankt-Petersburg und Nowgorod 1765-1941. If you have family from this area, you should check out her site. There is a lot of information, including family names, revision lists and more photos.

The following maps have been updated:
Saint Petersburg/Nowgorod
GRSL (Germans from Russia Settlement Locations) map

The colonies that were found, including alternate names/spelling, are (for the sake of Google indexing):

22nd Kolonie, Achtundzwanziger, Aleksandrovskaya, Alexander-Kolonie, Alexander-Kolonie, Alexander-Kolonie, Alexander-Kolonie, Alexandrovka, Alexandrovka, Besborodkino, Bichky, Colony at the Porcelain Factory, Cronstadt, Detskoye Selo, Deutch-Shuvalovo, Deutsch Lewaschowa, Deutsch Lewaschowa, Deutsch Lewaschowa, Etiup, Etuep, Etuep, Etüp, Etyup, Farforovoy, Farforowka, Farforowka, Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Friedental, Friedental, Fröhliche Kolonie, Fröhliche Kolonie, Gorelovo, Grashdanka, Grashdanka, Grenz-Kolonie, Grenz-Kolonie, Ishora, Isvar, Iswar, Iswar, Jamburg, Jamburg, Janino, Janino, Kamenka, Kamenka, Kiepen, Kingisepp, Kipen, Kipen, Kirchdorf, Klyuchinsky, Kolonie bei Kovalevo, Kolonie bei Kowalewo, Kolonie bei Kowalewo, Kolonie bei Murino, Kolonie bei Murino, Kolonie bei Rutschij, Kolonie bei Rutschij, Kolonie near Murino, Kolpino, Kolpino, Kolpino, Kolpino, Krasnenka, Kronshtadt, Kronstad, Kronstad, Kronstadt, Kronštádt, Kronstädter-Kolonie, Kronstädter-Kolonie, Ksenofontova, Ksenofontowa, Ksenofontowa, Lagekolonie, Lagekolonie, Laugaz, Levashova, Ligovo, Ligowo, Ligowo, Luck, Luga, Luga, Luisen, Luisino, Luisino, Luts'k, Luzk, Luzk, Lyssino, Marienburg, Marienburg, Marino, Marino, Moskovskoe Pole, Moskovskoye Polye, Moskowskoje Polje, Moskowskoje Polje, Nebe, Nebe, Neu-Alexandrovsky, Neu-Alexandrowski, Neu-Alexandrowski, Neu-Luck, Neu-Pargola, Neu-Pargolowo, Neu-Pargolowo, Neu-Porkhov, Neu-Saratovka, Neu-Saratowka, Neu-Saratowka, Neudorf, Neue Siedlung, Neue Siedlung, Neuhausen, Nikolai-Kolonie, Nikolai-Kolonie, Nikolayevskaya, Nyemetskaya Kolonya, Oranienbaum, Oranienbaum, Oranienbaumer-Kolonie, Oranienbaumer-Kolonie, Oserki, Oserki, Ovchino, Ovcino, Ovtsino, Ovtsyno, Owcino, Owcino, Owzino, Panovo, Panowo, Panowo, Patkanovo, Peterhof, Peterhof, Peterhof-Stadt, Peterhofer-Kolonie, Peterhofer-Kolonie, Pisskarevka, Pisskarewka, Pisskarewka, Porchowo, Porchowo, Porkhovo, Porokhva, Prijutino, Prijutino, Pryutino, Pushkin, Pushkin, Rosa Luxemburg, Rote Ansiedlung, Rote Ansiedlung, Ruchy, Samson, Samson, Samsonovka, Sceglovo, Sceglovo, Schlüsselburger Kolonie, Schöndorf, Schöndorf, Schtscheglowo, Sechziger Kolonie, Shcheglovo, Simson, Slutsk, Smoljnaja Kolonie, Smoljnaja Kolonie, Smolny, Smolynaya Kolonie, Snamenski-Kolonie, Snamenski-Kolonie, Srednaya-Ragata, Srednaya-Ragata, Srednnjaja Rogatka, Srednyaya Rogatka, Strel'na, Strelna, Strelna, Strelna-Kolonie, Strelna-Kolonie, Sulzk, Sulzk, Tarasikha, Tarassicha, Tarassicha, Tarassikha, Tsarskoe Selo, Uritsk, Urizk, Urizk, Utkino Sawod, Utkino Zavod, Utkino Zavod, Veiten, Veiten, Vessiolyy Oselok, Visherka, Volkovo, Vorony Ostrov, Wischerka, Wischerka, Wolkowo, Wolkowo, Woronij Ostrow, Woronij Ostrow, Xenofontovka, Yamburg, Yanina, Yanino, Znamenka, Znamensky-Kolonie, Zweiundzwanziger Kolonie.