13 August 2017

Map Refresh: Galizien Colonies

Eleven new Catholic colonies have been located added to the Galizien map, ten in Ukraine around Lviv and one located in Poland.

The following maps have been updated:
GRSL (Germans from Russia Settlement Locations) map

The locates were done by the Galizien German Descendants based on a map found in Heimat Galizien im Bild. 1983, by Josef Lanz and Rudolf Unterschütz. GGD added grid lines were added to match other maps drawn by Unterschütz, which were used to located the other Galizien colonies. You can view the new map along with more information here, and it's also referenced on the Sources page and for each colony located using that particular map. 

The new colonies are as follows: 
BatiatyczeDublanyKobylnica RuskaNadziejowOleskoSokolowkaStojanowSwirzTurka,
Uhnow and Zulin

As you look at each, click on the Google Maps source at the bottom on the left-hand legend.  You may need to scroll down a bit.  You'll see photos for some of the old churches, cemeteries and the occasional castle.

Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Zulin. Photo by Igor Bodnar, July 2017. 

Cemetery in Olesko. Photo by Sergey UA, November 2014.