16 July 2017

Map Refresh: Bukovina, Caucasus, Chortitza, Don Cossacks, Glückstal, Mariupol (new!)

There are nine map refreshes this week, including a new colony group for the Mariupol enclave(see below for more). There was some shifting of colonies between areas due to map overlap which is the reason for so many updates at once. 

All of the maps associated with this site along with their descriptions can be found on the Maps page and a list of sources used on the Sources page.

BukovinaMinor adjustment to the colony of Woloca.
CaucasusNew colonies added that were found on overlapping maps for a total of 174.
Chortitza: Several colonies moved to Mariupol and several new were found.  Total now is 95. 
Don Cossacks: Again, several colonies were moved to Mariupol and many more more found as work continued through the two maps of the area.  Total now is 180 colonies.
Glücsktal:  Corrections to Kassel and Alt-Kassel along with sources and links added.
Mariupol: New map! Some colonies were on previous maps of Chortitza and Don Cossacks. Total number now is 107 colonies.
German Colonies in the Austrian Empire – Includes updates to Bukovina. 
Black Sea Colonies: Includes updates to Caucasus, Chortitza, Glückstal and Mariupol.
Germans from Russia Settlement Locations Map (GRSL):  Includes all changes listed above.

The Mariupol colonies are located on the north shore of the Sea of Azov next to the Chortitza, Molotschna and Don areas and across the sea from the Caucasus.  Twenty-two Mother colonies were founded between 1823 and 1842, followed by daughter colonies and many chutors up until 1926, the last known founding date. Most colonists were from West Prussia and Danzig and spent several years in Molotschna before the tract of land near Mariupol became available to them.