04 April 2017

Map Refresh: Crimea, Galizien, Kherson, Kronau, Schwedengebiet, Taurien, Volga, Zagradovka

With spring arriving (northern hemisphere), there has been a lot of reviewing of maps and data clean up and standardization going on the past couple months.

For those who were aware of this project a year ago, you might recall a document with a list of changes that kept track of the progress of village locates. That has been started up again to keep track of all the moving parts and for those who are interested in the details of what additions and updates occur with the data used to create the maps. You can access the change history file off the Maps page.

This week there are several colony group map refreshes:

The Black Sea Area map has been updated with the changes for Crimea, Kherson, Kronau, Schwedengebiet, Taurien and Zagradovka. And the full Germans from Russia Settlement Locations map has been updated with all the changes. 

Current total village count: 3140